VOIP Pbx Two extension system A540iP


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VOIP Pbx Two extension system A540ip (2 users):

The voip pbx two extension system A540ip, is perfect for the small growing office that requires transfer between two users. The A540iP Base station supports 1 line PSTN and 2 VOIP channels.

>20 Ringer melodies polyphonic sounds
>Adjustable handset volume

Convenience – phoning essentials
>50 m indoor range and 300 m outdoor range
>290 hr Standby time and 23 hrs talk time
>Phonebook and150 address book
>Phonebook transfer via DECT and LAN
>10 Last dialed
>Automatic dialing of operator prefix
>Direct dial
>Automatic redial function in handset
>Date reminder function and alarm call

Display and menu features

>Graphical Display
>Illuminated display 96×64, 1,8 b/w, 3 fonts
>Display of caller’s number (CLIP1)
>25 list of last missed calls with time and date
>Multilingual menu for up to 19 languages 19
>Time displayed
>Date displayed
>Range displayed (handset to base station)
>Charging status displayed
>Call duration displayed

Keypad features
>Intercom key (can be used as Provider specific key) >1 programmable soft key
>Illuminated keypad
>Amber Colour of illumination
>Navigation key
>Message indicator key

Messaging functions
>Up to 612 characters SMS1
>Up to 4 personalized SMS in-boxes
>Email notification

>Up to 60% less power consumption
>ECO Mode for reduction of transmitting power of base station by 80%
>Radiation-free ECO Mode Plus
>Transmitting power at almost zero when handset docked

>Equipped with speech transmission encryption
>Features with more than one handset
>Expandable to up to 6 handsets
>Selective internal calls
>Internal transfer of external calls
>Parallel calls 2 internal and 2+1 external

>Wall mountable
>Batteries 2xAAA

>DECT and GAP compliant

>Dimensions handset (H x W x D in mm) 154x50x28
>Dimensions base station (H x W x D in mm) 132x105x46
>Dimensions charger (H x W x D in mm) 75x69x31
>Available in black colours

Basic IP features
>Dual Mode
>Number of parallel calls:2 VoIP and 1 fixed-line 2 _ 1
>6 VoIP accounts
>Multiple provider configuration yes
>IP net features and services
>Access to online phonebook (white & yellow pages)
>Free calls worldwide between Gigaset VoIP phones via Gigaset.net
>Over 200 VoIP profiles for download
>VoIP protocol SIP
>Codecs G.711, G.722 _ G.726
>QoS: ToS. Diffserv
>VoIP Setup via wizard in handset and via web configurator