Telephone Power Surge Protection


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Telephone Power Surge Protection

Telephone power surge protection – Lightning and power surge protection for your telephone line and mains 220V for cordless phones, desk phones, multi function printers, faxes and modems.

Lightning protection against surges on mains and telephone line. Withstands surge currents of up to 6500 Amps.

Protect your high value electronic items today.

Why Surge Protection?

Each home experiences 300-plus potentially damaging electrical surges every year. Home and office appliances , which depend on electronics, are sensitive to these surges. These units are a costly investment for the owner, and there is typically no protection.

A surge is a high-amplitude, short-duration electrical fluctuation that can cause harm to electrical, electromechanical, and electronic equipment. Surges are caused by lightning, utility events, and internal events.


  • Lightning is the most obvious and most sensational type of surge. Lightning can travel up to 1/2 mile from where it strikes. Nothing can prevent a direct strike.

The home and office owner benefits from surge protection because it provides inexpensive insurance for electronic equipment.

So go on, protect your valuable electronic appliances with telephone surge protection today.