Gigaset Repeater (Range Extender)


Gigaset Repeater – range extender for the SIEMENS Gigaset range of phones. Check first if your Gigaset phone supports a range extender.

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Gigaset Repeater (range extender)

Siemens Gigaset Repeater is a range extender compatible with SIEMENS Gigaset range of phones. Need more range in your home, office or warehouse. Long range cordless phone can be accomplished by using a range extender, doubling your range up to 600 meters.

Please check and make sure your Gigaset phone has REPEATER SUPPORT.

The repeater is a kind of transmitting station that you set up some distance away from your base telephone. This doubles your freedom of movement.

The Range extender unfortunately cannot be daisy chained together.

• Doubles distance range of Gigasets

• Guarantees crystal-clear voice quality (DECT)

• Increases your mobility

Below the range extender shows how it can double your signal range:

repeater double range

repeaters 6 max

One can only connect up to a maximum of 6 repeaters per base station.

Gigaset Range Extender