Gigaset C470iP voip and analog line phone

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Gigaset C470iP voip and analog line phone

Gigaset C470iP voip and analog line phone Features:

Display: 128×128 pixel, 4096 colors and 6 lines
Illuminated display: Yes
Screensaver; Display of digital clock or color picture as screensaver (4 selectable and settable by user )
Operations controlled: Yes
Navigation key: Yes
LED signalling: Yes
Field strength displayed: Yes
Charging status displayed: Yes
Date and time displayed: Yes
Call duration per call displayed: Yes

Dialing Features:

Dual Mode: Easy switch from internet (VoIP) to fixed-line by simply pressing a key
Redialing function: Redialing of 20 different dialing numbers; redial key (Flash time adjustable)
Phone directory: 150 names and numbers; VIP-entries, a specific melody can be assigned to each directory entry; Public Phone Book Search (country specific / on request), phonebook
Pre-dialing: Yes, with correction possibility
Pre-selection of Netprovider: Yes
Call list with timestamp and dialling facility: Yes

SMS Functionality
Transmission: With up to 612 characters (provider dependent)
Personalized SMS Inbox: Easy SMS setup including registration, 1 common + 3 personalized SMS-inboxes
Transmission of e-mails: Yes

Special Features:
Handsfree talking: Yes
Baby phone / room monitoring: Yes
Ringer melodies: 5 polyphonic sounds and 10 melodies
Alarm call and date reminder: Yes
Paging: Yes
Wall mountable: Yes (base station)
Multilingual menu: User guidance in up to 20 languages (partly available)

Support for Gigaset Repeater

Phonebook transfer: Exchange of contacts (e.g. OUTLOOK) with PC via vcf-file (upload/download), via tsv-file (upload); Online Phone Book search (country specific)

IP Features:

VoIP Protocol: SIP
VoIP Profiles: Easy selection of provider profiles via handset or Web Server
VoIP Lines: Multiline with up to 6 SIP accounts: Configure up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers, assign accounts indiviually to handsets (send & receive direction specifically)
Codecs: G711, G722 (base station), G726, G729AB
Quality of Service: ToS. Diffserv (dependent on country, network and provider)
VoIP Setup:Firmware Update directly from handset, without file handling

E-mail and Messaging:
E-mail: Direct access to POP3 accounts without PC; new Emails signaled by illuminated MWI-key with comfortable access to message list, Information about sender, time & date, subject
Messaging: Integration of messaging-services (Google, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL…) via Jabber Server: buddy list with online status, chat, calling of contacts; Illuminated MWI-key signaling new instant messages

Analogue Access
Number of analogue access Up to 6 handsets
CLIP: Yes (dependent on country, network and provider)
Connection of a door station: Yes

Features with more than 1 handset:
simultaneous calls (conferencing):2 VoIP and 1 PSTN Call simultaneously (+ 1 internal call or AM access); VoIP resp. PSTN 3 party conference (1 external/ 2 internal participants); Two 3-party-conferences simultaneously (1 external VoIP or PSTN/2 internal participants each + AM access)
Transfer of external calls to another handset: Yes
Phonebook transfer between handsets: Yes

ECO DECT Base station:

60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply:Yes
ECO Mode: reduces transmitting power by 80%: Yes

ECO DECT Handset:

60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply: Yes
Variable reduction of transmitting power: Yes

Technical specifications:

Interfaces: a/b (analogue), IP/Ethernet
Handset extension: Up to 6 handsets can be registered

Standby time: Up to 300 h
Talk time: Up to 12 h

Battery system: 2 x NiMH AAA

Range indoor: Up to 50 meters
Range outdoor: Up to 300 meters

Dimensions Handset (L x W x D) in mm 28 x 48 x 146
Dimensions Basestation (L x W x D) in mm 157 x 107 x 46
Dimensions Charger (L x W x D) in mm 67x77x29

Available colours: Piano Black

Supported VoIP Provider in South Africa:
GVSC & Switchtel