Gigaset C470 cordless phone

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Gigaset C470

Gigaset C470 Features:

Display 6 line graphical color handset display (128×128 pixel, 4096 colors)
Illuminated display
Display of digital clock or color picture as screensaver (4 selectable and settable by user)
Operations controlled via menu
Navigation key
LED signalling
Field strength display
Charging status display
Date and time displayed
Call duration per call displayed

Special Features:
Handsfree talking
NO Caller announcement by voice
Baby phone / room monitoring
Ringer melodies:5 polyphonic sounds and 10 melodies (composed by musician); 5 loudness levels + off + crescendo; selectable internal call melody
Alarm call and date reminder
NO Vibracall
Wall mountable
Multilingual menu 20 languages

NO Support for Gigaset Repeater

Phonebook transfer between handsets

Redialing function for last 20 different dialling numbers
Phone directory with up to 150 numbers and names; VIP-entries (a specific melody can be assigned to each directory entry)
Pre-dialing with correction facility
Automatic redialing
Pre-selection of Netprovider
Call list with timestamp and dialling facility

SMS Functionality (dependant on ISP)
Sending and receiving with up to 612 characters (provider dependent)
Personalized SMS Inbox up to 4 personalized >SMS-Inboxes (provider dependent)
Transmission of e-mails (Country / customer specific and provider dependent)

Analogue Access Up to 6 handsets can be registered; handset for up to 4 base stations
E-mail Transmission of e-mails via SMS (Country / customer specific; Provider dependent)

Features with more than 1 handset
NO Walkie-Talkie mode with 2nd handset
simultaneous calls (conferencing):Yes (1 external / 2 internal)
Transfer of external calls to another handset With prior consultation call or recall
Phonebook transfer between handsets

NO integrated answering machine

ECO DECT Base station
60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply compared to conventional cordless phone

ECO DECT Handset
60% less power consumption with energy-saving power supply

Technical specifications
Interfaces a/b (analogue)
Handset extension up to 6 handsets
Standby time up to 150 h
Talk time up to 12 h

Battery system 2 x NiMH AAA

Range indoor up to 50 meters
Range outdoor up to 300 meters

Dimensions Handset (LxWxD) 28 x 48 x 146 mm
Dimensions Basestation (LxWxD) 66 x 121 x 93 mm
Available in black

Whats in the box: 1 Handset, 1 Belt clip, 1 Base station, 2 AAA batteries, 1 Power supply unit, 1 Telephone cord, 1 User manual