Gigaset C45 cordless phone and charger

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Gigaset C45 cordless phone and charger

Gigaset C45 is a bundle ie. phone and charger only, it requires a base station to work. Add this to any base station set.


• Illuminated color display and keypad

• Convenient handsfree function

• Polyphonic ring tones

Tech Spec:

Display: 4096 colours and 4 lines (3 lines + 1 line with 2 softkeys)
Illuminated display: yes
Screensaver: yes
Operations controlled via menu
Navigation key: yes
Illuminated keypad: yes
LED signalling: yes
Field strength displayed: yes
Charging status displayed: yes
Date and time displayed: yes
Call charge or call duration per call displayed: yes

Special Features:

Handsfree talking: yes
Caller announcement by voice: yes
Baby phone / room monitoring: no
Ringer melodies: 5 polyphonic
Alarm call and date reminder
Vibracall: no
Paging: yes
Open listening at basestation
Wall mountable
Multilingual menu: 20 languages
No Support for Gigaset Repeater

Dialing features:
Voice dialing: no
Redialing function: last 10 different dialling numbers
Phone directory: up to 100 names and numbers
Pre-dialing: yes, with correction facility
Automatic redialing: no
Pre-selection of Netprovider: yes, automatic
Call list with timestamp and dialling facility: yes

SMS functionality:
Transmission with up to 160 characters (provider dependent)
Personalized SMS Inbox
Transmission of e-mails: no
List with Emoticons available
Easy Text-Input-Method:no
Download: no

Features with more than 1 handset:
Walkie-Talkie mode with 2nd handset: no
Simultaneous calls (conferencing): yes (1 external / 2 internal)
Transfer of external calls to another handset: with prior consultation call or recall
Phonebook transfer between handsets: yes

Technical specifications:
Handset extension: up to 4 handsets
Weight of the handset incl. battery 116 g
Weight basestation
Standby time: up to 150 hours
Talk time: > 10 hours
Battery system 2 x NiMH AAA
Range indoor up to 50 meters
Range outdoor up to 300 meters
Dimensions Handset (L x W x D) in mm 140 x 53 x 28
Dimensions Basestation (L x W x D) in mm 102 x 124 x 80
Dimensions Charger (L x W x D) in mm