Gigaset Battery Backup


The Gigaset DX800A Battery backup is the ideal solution to keep your telephone system running and protected during power outages

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Gigaset Battery Backup

The Gigaset Battery backup will keep your business running for up to 8 hours when there is a power failure.

Battery Backup features:

  • Cold Start 15A/115Vac, 30A/230Vac
  • 12VDC battery backup
  • Includes 12v 7ah battery
  • Overload Protection 115% ‐ 135% of the rated power, Pulsing hiccup shut down, auto recovery
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Short circuit protection & recovery
  • Low power consumption with high reliability
  • 100% full load burn‐in test
  • Audible tone for mains fail that can be enabled or disabled through a link AC Failure
  • Battery protection circuit built in
  • Battery charger is intelligent switch mode charging processed by a PIC processor
  • Indoor use only

Mounting, Maintenance and repair must be carried out by a skilled and authorized person